Sunday Night Wrap-Up

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This weekend, we swapped some basic beauty tips, admitted that Liz Lemon is like, really pretty, explored the strange phenomenon that is the media-savvy mistress, discussed the business aspects of the Baby-Sitters Club, and rocked out for cake.


As always, feel free to stick around and fight the Sunday night blues. And remember, you can keep up with your fellow commenters throughout the week via our #groupthink forum. Tonight, let's keep things light and such. Here's a song to get you started:

Thanks for another lovely weekend!

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Jezzies, how do you break out of your shell when you feel you've been in one for so long that you don't know life beyond it?

Once in every while, I get a cold shock from the realization that I don't at all like the way my life is going, and decide that I will change this and that. I even took a year off university to work and think about what I want to major in. But what actually happens every time is that I sink back into myself as I grow more distant from family, having any semblance of a social life, and making a solid decision for my major this September. What I really want to do is find a place for myself, make a group of really great friends, and just feel alive.

But what I feel I'm doing every time is act entitled, use up the compassion of a very loving but exasperated family, and lock myself inside my head again.

So the changes I've made so far are: I took up a martial art (which is ridiculously fun), I'm applying for new jobs, putting in my two weeks' notice at my shitty job tomorrow, and waiting to hear back for a summer literary research internship.

I'm already 20 - why can't I get this right? I'm tired of feeling awkward and lonely. Even worse, I'm tired of disappointing myself.

Have you broken out of your shell? How did you do it?