"HERgonomics": For Women Who Can't Operate Regular Dumbells

Illustration for article titled "HERgonomics": For Women Who Can't Operate Regular Dumbells

HERgonomics gear is "far more than pretty colors": These dumbbells also fit together for easy storage! See, Savasa understands women — according to the company's website, we'd "never use the term 'guns.'" Somebody alert Michelle Obama! [Savasa via Copyranter]

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Now, I like the idea of "a workout for women." It's true, I have no interest in getting ripped — I want my love handles to go away, and it's true, I never would use the word "guns" (partially because I have, at best, keychain-sized water pistols).

So as much fun as I'm having snarking at "hergonomics," if I was going to buy ANY training products, this is the sort stuff I'd use for toning exercises.