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Obama Wants A "Big Fucking Deal" T-Shirt • Blogs Are The New Telephone

Illustration for article titled Obama Wants A Big Fucking Deal T-Shirt • Blogs Are The New Telephone

• Not only is the VP's verbal diarrhea no big thing, it is downright T-shirt-worthy, according to our fearless leader. Joe Biden claims Obama joked on Wednesday morning that his comment was "the best thing about yesterday."


"I told him, 'If you thought it was so good, why didn't you say it?'" he countered. • A mother from Washington is furious that her daughter's school accommodated her wish to have an abortion and even allowed to leave during school hours to obtain the procedure. The 15-year-old did not inform her mother, and neither did school officials. A spokesperson for the county health department says that although parents are encouraged to take part in their child's health care, an individual of any age can consent to an abortion. • When police in California arrested Jonathan Douglas Hill, who was later charged with lewd acts and several counts of child molestation, they found what they called a "rape kit." It contained duct tape, restraints, plastic tarps, shoe covers, latex gloves, lubricant and condoms. • Chemicals found in your conditioner may hold the key to reducing the effects of global warming. Technology that had previously been used to soften hair could be employed as "scrubbers," agents that remove CO2 from smoke. • After examining the blogs of 100 teens from around the United States, researchers at Ohio State University have found that blogging is actually a positive activity for most teens, a place where they can work out feelings and discuss day-to-day events. "They use blogging the same way my generation used the telephone when we were kids," explains the lead researcher. • Lawmakers and advocates gathered Wednesday to discuss the risks of tanning and the need for stricter government regulations. A member of the Melanoma Research Foundation argued that tanning beds should have warnings, like cigarettes, that their use can increase the risk of developing cancer. • New research indicates that poor parenting may be to blame for boy's bad behavior. A study has linked abuse and neglect at an early age to later misbehavior for male children. However, girls did not show the same pattern, possibly because they tend to focus their negative feelings inward, rather than outward. • A new study - conducted as part of an advertising campaign - found that Brits are loosening up. The whole "stiff upper lip" deal may be a thing of the past, as more and more of our neighbors across the pond "wear their hearts on their sleeves." • The famous Little Mermaid statue that has looked over the Copenhagen harbor for nearly 100 years will take her first trip abroad this month when she travels to China for the World Expo. On Thursday she was lifted from her perch, much to the dismay of some Danes, who find the temporary move "disrespectful." • Here is what I got from this article: Like everyone else on earth, Turkish people are hypocritical. Although homosexuality isn't tolerated on a neighborhood-level, many Turks are willing to accept transgender performers. A human rights expert suggests this has something to do with money: "If you have money, if you are rich, you can be everything." Furthermore, many performers are given free passes to test boundaries that wouldn't be as permissible in "real life." • On April 15th, the South African government will launch the world's largest campaign against AIDS. Over the next year, they plan to hand out 2.5 billion condoms and test 15 million people for HIV. • Childhood sexual abuse can lead to depression and symptoms of post-trauma following pregnancy, says a new study. Women who were abused as kids are more likely to report negative feelings after giving birth, even if the pregnancy was planned and wanted. Researchers speculate the physical process could trigger latent emotional trauma. • An 11-year-old boy followed an 11-year-old autistic girl into the restroom an elementary school in Miami, where he locked the door, told her to get on her knees and forced her to perform oral sex. He's been charged with sexual battery on a child under 12 and with false imprisonment. • Democrats and a few Republicans have revealed new details about threats and harassment they have received since the passage of the health care bill. Nancy Pelosi says threats "have no place in a civil debate in our country." • Do you wear flip-flops or squishy sneakers? Your arches may not thank you, but your knees will. • Students in Brighton, Michigan plan on boycotting the prom if they can't "freak" each other. • Female chimpanzees use tools more frequently than males, teach their young'uns tricks and often transfer to other colonies, so researchers are calling them the "carriers of the culture."

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Please note that when Eric Cantor (R) says a bullet was shot through one if his office windows, he is full of shit. According to police, someone shot a gun in the air somewhere in downtown Richmond, and the bullet happened to come down and land by the window, breaking the glass. No one shot up his office, protesting HCR.