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Tina, Steve, & Tracy: They Laughed, They Cried, They Hit On Oprah

Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and Tracy Morgan were on Oprah today and we were pretty excited. Though apparently not as excited as Tina, who prepared by making out with a cardboard cutout of Oprah.

After getting through some obligatory chatter about Date Night, Oprah asked Tina about appearing on the most recent covers of Vogue and Esquire. It seems Oprah found appearing on the cover of Vogue way more validating than Tina, who says, "I kinda like the dirty photo shoot [in Esquire]. It was a little easier for me." Oprah asks Tina about being labeled the "thinking man's sex symbol," and Steve remarks, "I think she's the sex symbol of the idiot and the thinking man, frankly."


Tina and Steve say they ad-libbed much of Date Night, so Oprah plays video of audience members and asks them to make up what they were saying. Tina proves her improv skills quips about facelifts, vaginas, and baby hand transplants. Then she manages to catch Oprah off guard by insinuating that she and Jamie Foxx are carrying on a steamy affair behind Stedman's back. Oprah plays along, but you can tell she's not amused.

Oprah's next guest: Tracy Morgan! He says Jamie Foxx has "got problems now. Oprah's my woman." But aside from that comment (and some confusing remarks about whether he's "real" or not), he doesn't live up to his "outrageous reputation." Rather than being the first guest to wave his bare belly in Oprah's face, he uses the appearance to thank Lorne Michaels for being his "Obi-Wan Kenobi." Then when asked to describe his relationship with Tina, he gets choked up and says, "She's my friend. I love her."

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Skanky Baggington

I love that Tina Fey used part of her Oprah appearance to question her about Jamie Foxxs. The stink eye that was shooting out of her was classic! I don't watch Oprah very much, but I'm positive that she's tried to make something more out of celebrity friendships for the sake of an "exclusive" before.

ETA: I'm a little embarrassed by how much I laughed at "I'm going to go home and fart in a shoebox" and "Imma save up for some baby hands." Like, outright, snot coming out of my nose, guffawing.