Laura Dern Gets Her Own HBO Show

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HBO has picked up Enlightened, a show starring Laura Dern as "a self-destructive woman" who "becomes determined to live an enlightened life." That's not the only threat to bro-dom: the show some are calling Jeantourage may not survive. [THR, Earlier]



The first episode wasn't great, but I actually ended up enjoying "How to Make It in America". By the end, I found myself pretty invested in the characters. That being said, I won't be crushed if it's canceled.

I'm always excited for shows that feature strong, well-written female characters. ("The Good Wife" is already one of my favorite shows, ever, mostly for this reason.) And Laura Dern is an incredible actress, so I will watch pretty much anything with her in it. If you haven't seen it, check out "Inland Empire". It's David Lynch, so it's really strange and sometimes quite frightening, but Laura Dern's performance is astonishing. She should've been nominated for an Oscar for her work in that film.