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How Botox Leaves You Utterly Friendless

Illustration for article titled How Botox Leaves You Utterly Friendless

A new study says that Botox impairs friendships because it limits facial communication: "If people seem slow in reacting to what they are being told, it is likely to be interpreted as a lack of sympathy or interest." [Fox, Awl]


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Plastic surgery to fix "broken bodies" - i.e. victims of crime, war, birth defects, etc, I understand. Hell, you get hit by a truck and wanting to feel normal again (Doc, can you fix this scar?).

Hell, I can completely understand trying to fix things you don't like or that have always bothered you. I get it, I do.

But using plastic surgery to "fix you" (i.e the real internal you) because you have some deep-rooted psychological issues is never the answer because it doesn't address the actual problem.

In fact, using Heidi as an example - it seems to cause more problems than it solves, both in the short and long term.

Part of me really fucking hates this woman and what she represents and part of me wants to buy her a drink, ask "What the fuck were you/are you thinking?" (because I really want to know), and give the poor kid a hug.