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Senators Claire McCaskill And Carl Levin Call It Like It Is: "Shitty"

The word of the day, ladies and gentlemen, is "shitty." And we have Senators McCaskill and Levin to thank for that.


The inspiration was an email a Goldman Sachs supervisor sent to Daniel Sparks, referring to "a shitty deal" they pushed on their clients anyway. Sparks was being questioned at a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing, where the two Senators liberally quoted from that email. And now it even has a Twitter hashtag — although the New York Times still can't say it. Luckily, McCaskill and Levin have no such qualms.

Senators Can't Resist A Few Bad Words [NYT]
Levin Repeatedly References "Sh**ty Deal" at Goldman Hearing [CBS]
Breaking: Senator Clair McCaskill Breaks The "Shitty" Glass Ceiling [Mediaite]

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Lady Jólakötturinn

This is similar to how it is hilarious when children swear. "Baby Landlord" is an excellent example.