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Upwardly Mobile

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[Jerusalem, June 2. Image via AP]

Israeli youths release balloons during a rally in support of the Israeli army following a deadly raid by Israel's navy on an aid flotilla bound for the blockaded Gaza Strip and calling for the release of his son, in Jerusalem, Wednesday, June 2, 2010. In a stunning reversal that illustrated the severity of the diplomatic fallout from its bloody raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla, Israel on Wednesday dropped plans to prosecute dozens of the captured pro-Palestinian activists, moving instead to deport all of them quickly. The turnabout came as international condemnation intensified over the raid Monday on the high seas in which nine people were killed and dozens wounded, with Israel resisting calls for an independent inquiry. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)


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I just want to say to you folks... Israel isn't horrible, or evil, or bad.

Israel's government may be all those things, but Israel as an entity is not.

How about this: America is murderous. America hates Muslims. America hates Mexicans. America hates gays. Now, replace "America" with "Bush Administration". Remember how y'all felt when the US govt was betraying your beliefs? and you were embarrassed by their behavior? That's how we feel right now.

I was in a taxi today, here in Jerusalem, and talked to the right wing driver about how I was emberrassed by my country. He was too. We didn't agree about many things, but we both agreed that this event was stupid. We both agreed that if a soldier is being beaten by metal clubs that he has the right to defend himself, but that it was stupid that they were ever in that position, and that it was a travesty that people died. He felt that we were at war, but that this was "really fucking stupid" of the israeli military and they should have used teargas and other non-lethal methods to stop this ship (to make sure that there were no weapons).

It's important to remember that the plan all along from the israeli govt, as fucked up as this whole embargo is, to transfer the humanitarian supplies to gaza after making sure there were no weapons.

I am deeply ashamed of my govt, and so are the majority of my countrymen. You know, it's not just that they killed people - it's the stupidity of it all!

Anyway, most of us are deeply ashamed. The crazies you see on TV are the wingnuts, the warhawks. The rest of us are being quiet. That's what you do when you feel ashamed of your country... you hang your head in shame.

We are organizing protests against the department of defense, though.