Chain-Smoking Baby Down To 1 (Maybe 2) Packs A Day

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A CBS news crew went to Indonesia to do a follow-up on two-year-old Aldi Suganda, whose insouciant smoke ring-blowing shocked the world. They found him "just before midnight...lit cigarette in-hand" and filmed it:

Currently enrolled with his parents in a rehabilitation program sponsored by Indonesia's National Commission for Child Protection, Aldi has cut down. But the nicotine withdrawal has led to tantrums and disturbing episodes in which the child beats his head against the floor. Says his mother, through an interpreter, "Nowadays, he smokes one pack a day, two packs at most. … We surely hope he will quit, that he will be like any other kid, not smoking. … But I can't stand seeing him hurting himself. What can we do but to accept it is as it is?"

Smoking Baby Still Smoking, On Tape [CBS]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

If this were happening in a Disney film and the baby were voiced by Joe Pesci— box office gold.