This Clip Encapsulates Everything That Is Wrong With America

What happens when you take Larry King, Chris Jacobs (of The Insider, NOT of Extra), Michael Lohan, and his attorney, Lisa Bloom (Gloria Allred's daughter), and put them in a segment together? Basically, the end of the world. Video inside.

Yes, all, let's not focus on Lindsay Lohan's alcohol and drug addictions, or her crimes, or what jail may or may not do for her, or what happens next, or what should happen, or any of that, really—let's talk about IF SHE CAN "TWEET" FROM JAIL, OR IF SHE CAN WEAR EXTENSIONS, OR IF HER TURKEY DINNER WILL BE OK, OR WHETHER OR NOT SHE'LL BE SMOKING CIGARETTES (AND OMG WHAT KIND?!). LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT, INSTEAD.

[Larry King Live]

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the best part of the interview is when Michael Lohan explains why he was thrown in the slammer...

"...because I got into a fight with Dina's brother who was high on cocaine at my son's communion party"