Phone-Sex Tweeter Pre-Emptively Outs Herself

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The TeleEroticist, who was wittily live-tweeting her work as a phone sex operator under a pseudonym, has been forced to identify herself as Christi Olson. Why? Because some jealous dude threatened to out her to her family.

The TeleEroticist had been a regular source of brutally honest, at times disturbing insights on one slice of human sexuality. Yesterday, she used to name herself, saying she's based in Vancouver (and not Los Angeles), and revealing why she'd decided to break her anonymity:

A particularly douchey fellow in New York, who had tried to do something similar to what I've done with this twitter (only his was made up), was angry that his didn't work out. I had a few people talk to me about doing something with this (nothing serious and nothing concrete, don't get excited), he lost it, said the only reason anyone cared about what I had to say was because I was a woman talking about sex. Then he outed me for the first time. After some pretty severe threats, he took it down.


He's right, the fact that she was an actual phone sex operator and a girl totally constituted an unfair advantage. What other insane privileges will sex workers command in this upside-down world?

The man had both posted her name publicly and sent a note to her sister, the final straw. "I realize it can potentially fuck with job prospects in the future, but again, I'd rather this happen on my terms than on his," Olson wrote in a separate post.

For now, Olson is keeping her job — at least as far as she's concerned, since it's not clear if her employer knows about her Twitter account is self-employed. It would be a serious loss to the world if she gave up Tweeting, not least because she'd recently started taking song requests and challenging herself to drop their lyrics into her breathy conversations.

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Oh my god, the poor girl. When I was working I was TOTALLY in the closet so to speak. My worst fear was going to an appointment or doing an in-house introduction and realising that I knew the person, or happening to be working a shift when the police did a routine inspection - apparently they were always very polite and were just checking for drugs and underaged or trafficked women, but you had to give them your real name.

My worst experience was a client who once I later realised WORKED WITH MY MOTHER. I was at her office one day doing something or other, and he came into the building. I fled into a vacant office and hid under the desk. And when he later requested to see me again, I declined.

But yeah, this poor girl. The thought of something like this happening makes me feel ill.