How Your "Dead White Girl" Television Is Made

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The guy who falsely confessed to murdering JonBenet Ramsey, Casey Anthony's family, all things remotely related to Natalee Holloway — meet the man who brings these treasures to television "news." At least he hates Nancy Grace.



The guy sounds sleazy as hell but I think he is tapping into what the public wants to see and what gets ratings. I always remember the disappearance of Latoyia Figueroa and how under reported it was compared to that of Lacy Peterson. Both women were pregnant and went missing around the same time only Latoyia was hispanic, unmarried and not from the best part of Philly. It only made local news because her dad kept searching for her. It was really sad. In a lot of ways it seems like the victims that should be "perfect" almost as if bad things aren't supposed to happen to middle or upper class people.