Here's The Insanity That Got Danielle Staub Fired

Life & Style is reporting that the "prostitution whore" wasn't asked to return for the third season of RHONJ. Could it have something to do with the fact that she's incredibly unstable? We've compiled a reel to support that theory.

Danielle seems to think that the reason she wasn't asked back is because she's getting her own spin off. More likely, it's probably a combination of an ultimatum from the other women on the show—i.e., "her or us"—and the fact that while Danielle might make good TV, it must be frightening for whichever producer has to interview her. In this clip, we've compiled a Danielle's interview sessions and narration to demonstrate what could only be described as paranoia, rapid cycling, and frankly, second-hand embarrassment.

Life & Style exclusive: Danielle Staub fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! [Life & Style]



I have to say, I'm shocked that this reality TV garbage is still being broadcast. It's cheap entertainment that rewards people for being total assholes to one another. It's disgusting and we should be ashamed of ourselves for ever watching.

I might be the last person in America who can say this with a straight face, but I've never watched a reality TV show for more 30 seconds.