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Teresa Giudice Educates Us On The History Of Mount Vesuvius

On last night's Real Housewives, we got to see Italy through the eyes of Teresa, who didn't start speaking English until she entered kindergarten, which is why, she says, things "come out wrong" sometimes. Because facts get lost in translation?

To present her new baby at her family reunion, Teresa had dresses custom-made for her daughters. It seemed like she was going for a Jersey-style version of 19th century bordello.

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And although they look cheap, the outfits were probably expensive. Her spending habits since filing for bankruptcy last fall have raised eyebrows in the court. It was recently discovered that just days after she and her husband Joe declared that they were broke, she went on a $60,000 spending spree. This information has led to a ruling that the contents of her home will indeed be auctioned off, but that the auction will be postponed until October.


Bankrupt 'Housewife' Teresa Giudice's $60K spending spree [NY Post]

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For someone whose native tongue was Italian, I wasn't very impressed with her speaking it. It seemed like she was just saying really basic stuff and didn't even know what "balcony" was.

I have to say Teresa and Joe really made themselves look terrible with this trip. I finally realized this couples problem - both of them are idiots. In a marriage, SOMEONE has to be the smart one...or you get yourself in 10 million dollar debt when you only make $100K a year.

I love how Joe is finally realizing how fucked he is on the show by bitching about every little thing. The breakfast that cost $, yea that's terrible, but #1) you're in Italy home of the most expensive vacations ever; #2) it appears that you treated the entire group of 20 something people, #3) you just spent like $75K on your daughter's fucking christening. Since when is $1K a problem...Guess he found out that they were fucked right about when they went.

I wonder how much 4 custom-made elaborate dresses cost them? I know, A FUCKING SHIT TON.