Ice Queens, Gold-Diggers And Fascist Feminists Unite!

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What's worse, being described as "shrill" or being called a cougar? Welcome to the "pyramid of egregiousness"! (It considers cougar the greater offense.)


The full interactive version can be found here, part of the new "Name It, Change It" campaign, which was launched by several women's groups today to call out sexism in broadcast news and politics. There's also a video reenactment of several real-life statements about female politicians from broadcast news:

We have no quibbles with the cause — having covered nearly all of these bullshit pronouncements — but most examples of media sexism aren't quite so high on the pyramid as two guys slapping each other five as a woman looks on in horror.


Unless, of course, you're watching Chris Matthews! Or Fox News.

Name It. Change It [WMC]

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God forbid Michelle Obama ever takes her Ivy League education, experience as a lawyer and an executive, and experience as a first lady and decides to run for office. She'll have only gotten there on her husband's coattails. And may be better off if there's an adultery scandal.