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Those Aren't Lindsay Lohan's Nipples In Machete

Illustration for article titled Those Arent Lindsay Lohans Nipples In emMachete/em

When our tipster told us that Lindsay Lohan's character was naked most of the time she appears in Machete, nudity-watchers cried foul: It's a body double!


A reader emailed to say:

I saw Machete two days ago, and any part of the movie when LL's character was showing her nipples, it was obviously a body double. In those parts, she would never show her face and had shorter blonde hair in a different hairstyle. LL did have her long blonde hair covering her breasts if she was speaking in a scene and had to still be naked.


And according to internet luminary Mr. Skin:

There's nudity, but NONE of it is from Lindsay or costar Jessica Alba!

Our tipster sighs:

My message wasn't "OMG, you get to see Lindsay's nipples!" It was that Lindsay's part in Machete is hardly her comeback role and that her casting was a mutually parasitic, buzzy stunt that played off her tabloid persona. And she (as well her less-freckled, be-wigged nipple double who makes out with Danny Trejo) is still not wearing clothes much of the time she's on-screen — not that there's anything wrong that...

Mr Skin will have to wait, dick in one hand, mouse in the the other, until Inferno.

You've been warned!

Are Lohan and Alba Nude in Machete? We've Got the Skinfo! [Mr. Skin]

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Well thats...disappointing? Um, for someone probably?

There are many reasons why I want to see Machete, the first being that I heard Steven Seagal gets decapitated. The second being Cheech Marin as a shotgun-toting priest.

That's all I need.