Estranged Father And Daughter Meet By Chance After 41 Years

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Four decades after he divorced his wife and left his infant daughter behind, Victor Peraza checked into Calvary Hospital in the Bronx and found his estranged daughter; she turned out to be his nurse. The two have reconciled. [MSNBC]


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He is lucky she is so forgiving. My father abandoned me 9 years ago when he got remarried. Before this my dad and I were best friends. He has since apologized but I'm so undecided on reuniting with him. He left me right at the beginning of my teen years and those years are generally when your personality changes the most. Now, I will occasionally bump into him and it always ends up being so awkward. He's like a stranger. He has no idea who I am and I don't know who he is. I just can't get over that. He also apologized around the same time he proclaimed his love for my mom which makes me paranoid that that may have had everything to do it.

My mom and my grandfather (who I consider my "replacement" father) have both told me that he apologized and I need to get over it. I wish I could... it's just too awkward.

Why is it that HE abandons me and I end up looking like the bitch for not wanting a reconnection?