College Lets Students Pursue The Study Of Lady Gaga

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The University of Virginia is offering the introductory writing course, "GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity." Instructor Christa Romanosky says it's about, "how identity is challenged by gender and sexuality... We don't just sit there and squawk about Gaga."

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Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula

Every generation this happens. When I was in college. it was all about Madonna. Lady Gaga, you are really the millennial Madonna. I think it's interesting given the accusations that Gaga's style was cribbed off of other people, not realizing that is irrelevant. Wasn't Madonna similarly considered a pilferer of street culture re-amalgamated into a glossy pop icon? And then of course, we'd say that she was really a post-modern icon:

"She is the self-sufficient postmodern phenomenon ... A masterpiece of controlled illusion."

-Martin Amis on Madonna

Ah yes and now the academic study. It's interesting to wonder what people think, given that Gaga's capturing the spirit of the moment. It's almost Hegelian in how she could only exist now, in this moment in our decaying society, going forth towards the end of history and capture our imagination. I think like Madonna that is her genius and that is why she is worthy of study. Objectively, she lacks substance but her ephemeral quality is exactly why she is important within our current context.