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Danielle Staub To Host Guaranteed-Insane Reality Show

Illustration for article titled Danielle Staub To Host Guaranteed-Insane Reality Show

The Housewives flunkie is currently filming Social, described as a "re-imagined Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," with Staub as the Robin Leach, visiting "homes of fabulous friends and attending events ranging from birthday parties to black tie affairs."


The irony of Staub—who repeatedly cried poor mouth on RHONJ—hosting a show about rich people on a network called WealthTV (available only to HDTV customers) is very thick. Social's creator Cary Sandoval said that the show plans to "raise awareness [for various charities] and give back to the community." No word yet on a premiere date, but Staub is still shopping around a second show—about her life—but no networks are biting as yet.


Danielle Staub to Host Her Own Show on WealthTV [PopWatch]

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That reminds me of the time I let a rabid wolverine loose inside an Arby's.

I presume it will end in similar fashion: with lots and lots of blood.