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Megan Fox Shows Off Her Acting Skills And/Or Underwear

In Megan Fox's new Armani commercial, a waiter brings her room service, then ogles her as she gets dressed. The plot is pretty uninspired, but the range of emotion Fox displays while writhing into her jeans is truly Katharine Hepburn-esque.


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I don't like this ad. I don't like approach towards woman's body presented in it, like it was something for sale. I don't mean Megan Fox showing her lingerie. I'm ok with that. I think the idea that a guy wouldn't accept the tip, because she already rewarded him other way, that is by unconciously exposing her half-naked body, is at least creepy.

Though at first it looks similar, the second ad from this campaign - male version, in which plays footballer/soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, doesn't have that body-trafficking element: