The Newest NYC Housewife Is A Vajazzler

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Ramona may have had one too many Pinot Grigios the other night, because she let slip to Us that Cindy Barshop—owner of the hair-removal chain Completely Bare—will be joining the cast of RHONY for its fourth season.

Rumors about Cindy joining Housewives surfaced last week, again, because of Ramona, who wouldn't reveal the name but said, "We have this new girl coming on. She is very happy with herself. Not to say I'm not going to get pissed at her or have a fight with her about something—that's just who I am sometimes!" But at an event this week, Ramona "confirmed" the info saying, "Yes, Cindy will be joining the show. I've known her for a while. We have a lot in common…She's a very impressive woman: Smart, powerful. I think she will be an amazing addition to our crew."

Barshop is the founder/owner of Completely Bare, a chain of high-end hair removal day spas that introduced the world to the phenomenon of "vajazzling." She is a single mom to twin daughters, born in 2009.


However, both Bravo and Andy Cohen are keeping mum, saying, "We haven't made any announcements regarding the cast yet."

Ramona Singer Confirms Spa Owner Is New NY Housewife [Us]

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Why do they keep calling them "housewives" when all of them have jobs outside the home?