Paladino's Pesky Little Porn Habit Resurfaces

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Carl Paladino told Orthodox rabbis earlier this week that he would "seek ways to protect everyone from obscenity on the internet." How inconvenient for a fresh round of porn forwards to surface. Including girl-on-girl action. But that's not gay, right?


Buffalo website got a new batch of emails Paladino forwarded. There's no bestiality or racism, but there is one woman performing oral sex on another, a woman squirting breast milk, and what appears to be footage of a woman getting a Brazilian bikini wax, labeled, "I found my retirement job!" (Now that's kinky.) Paladino's contribution to these missives was usually "Awesome."

As a blogger there pointed out, "Perhaps this is the proof his campaign needed to establish that he is all for gay people being gay. Nevertheless, based on his speeches in Brooklyn, he doesn't think that these young ladies' relationship is a 'valid and successful option.' But he's happy to watch."

The Paladino campaign's response:

"We've gotten past this. We're not going to take the time to confirm these miscreants' new attempt to revive their dying website."

Miscreants! Haven't seen that one in awhile.

Speaking of sexual politics, The New York Post published photos of Paladino consultant Roger Stone at a pride parade. (Above). This is not actually shocking — Stone is famously a sexual libertarian — but it shows that The New York Post, which traditionally would be all about Paladino and his pseudo-populism, still hates his guts after Paladino threatened to "take out" their top political reporter. Paladino's campaign replied that "Roger Stone did not take young children to the parade, and he is welcome to live his life as he pleases. And, by the way, if this is the worst you have on Roger Stone, you aren't trying very hard."


And further on the note that (perhaps thankfully) Paladino's politics don't extend to his business interests, the anti-choice candidate leases space to Planned Parenthood. (His company took over an existing lease with them). This is in addition to having once leased space to his son's gay bar. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just the hypocrisy.


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Don't be ridiculous. If it turns straight men on then it certainly can't be gay. God, do you people even know what gay means?