We Have A Winner: The Grossest Story You'll Ever Read

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After perusing hundreds of disgusting stories, we posted the top ten and created a poll. The votes are in! The winning story is a traumatizing tale of pain and embarrassment, with totally gross details and mesmerizing video.


While The Pumpkin Seed Story by "Becky" was an absolutely horrifying anecdote of colon explosion, it came in second with 34% of the vote. The winner, with 38% of the vote? "Mangina," by "Stu." In which a staph infection creates a long, bloody, infected gash between a man's balls and anus. Thanks Stu! You win the right to claim you have the grossest story.

Wanna read Stu's story again? Here it is!


Mangina, by Stu
My grossest moment came in July 2008, when I developed a MRSA infection in a terrible place.... right between my balls and my ass. Now, this was no ordinary staph infection either. This one was huge! it measured to be about 6 CM long, 4 CM wide, and over 2 CM deep. As soon as I get to the hospital and a doctor looks at it, he says "we need to cut that open and drain it right away." So, basically, they made a 6 cm long incision in my taint, giving me a "mangina".

The typical treatment is a healthy dose of bacterum, along with keeping the infected area clean and packed with gauze to absorb the puss. So, starting at the hospital, and continuing on for the next three weeks, I had to have gauze changed out in my mangina twice a day (the attached video is of the FIRST time they took out the gauze.... simply incredible stuff there. You don't really appreciate how big the infection was until you see ALL of the gauze come out). Not only did I have to change out gauze in my mangina twice a day, at first it was so painful and so big, that I had to have a nurse come to my apartment and change it for me.

Behold the terrifying video:

Thanks to everyone who played. When it comes to sharing your vile stories, there are no losers!


[Snail image via the incomparable Natalie Dee]

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We need more gross stories.

Admittedly, I would just curl up and die in a puddle of my own vomit/pus/pumpkin seeds if anything like these stories ever happened to me, but dammit, I love reading stuff like this.