Bing Crosby Beatboxes In U.K. Ad

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Argos' new commercial is troubling, and not just because it's a holiday ad released in October! The U.K. retailer has taken footage from Bing Crosby's '70s Christmas specials and used CGI to make the late crooner look like he's beatboxing.

Argos is presenting this as a cute homage to Bing, but reanimating dead celebrities so they can hock your wares seems pretty creepy. Though perhaps Bing wouldn't mind the rapping — he did tell David Bowie he thinks modern music is "marvelous, some of it really fine."


In this behind-the-scenes video Argos shows how Bing's mug was pasted onto other actor's faces to create the commercial. Plus, in an interview with the child extras, one little boy rolls his eyes after learning his co-star has never heard of Bing Crosby.

We're with you, kid. Santa needs to leave a DVD of White Christmas in this girl's stocking.

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Hee. "Big Crosby" should have been his rapper name.