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For Good Health, Be A Cat Lady

Illustration for article titled For Good Health, Be A Cat Lady

Researchers say owning a cat is good for you because their purr can lower blood pressure and reduce stress, they teach children to be gentle, and they provide companionship...when they're not shunning you or throwing up on the rug.


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I love cats. I have had nothing but loving, sweet, sweet, kitties in my life.

For instance: I learned how to crawl with my parents cat. I would tug on his tail, he would walk forward, I would crawl after, tug again, etc. He never bit or scratched. He also knew when people were sick and would sit with them and snuggle and purr.

My current kitties are love muffins. Monkey likes to lie on my chest at night and go to sleep. Waffles, the kitten, sucks on my fingers until he falls asleep. He's a lap kitty, too, and loves to curl up and go to sleep there.

If you stay home you will end up with all three cats sleeping with you, too. They're always happy to see us, they talk to us a lot, and they're very affectionate. I have never understood the stories about aloof cats, honestly. Mine never are.