Sarah Palin Has Her Eyes On Bristol's Prize

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The self-anointed Mama Grizzly is reportedly "desperate" and willing to do "whatever it takes" to assure a Palin takes home the Dancing With The Stars disco ball trophy. America, it's time to start feeling sorry for Bristol Palin.


The 18 year old shimmying embarrassment with the overly handsy partner has received the lowest scores for the last several shows in a row but has yet to be voted off due to the mysterious invisible base of callers that keep voting for her. Could Sarah's media influence be pushing Bristol through?

An anonymous source (and you know how reliable those are) remarks,

She's become obsessed with it, as if it were the election all over again, except this time a Palin will be the winner.

Sarah is making it very clear that she wants Bristol to win.

This is her chance to get even and show all those Democrats that a regular girl with conservative values and common sense can win it all.

Using your children as proxies for fulfillment of dreams you never realized yourself is an excellent parenting technique endorsed by both Dina and Michael Lohan.

If these rumors are true, it's a shame that a young woman is living her life as her mother wants rather than as she wants (and that some consider her body to be open for public scrutiny), but it could also be argued that what ABC did when it cast Bristol in the reality dancing competition is nothing short of saintly. It seems to have partially occupied Sarah Palin for months, keeping her ambition split between ruining America and winning on a show with an outcome that doesn't really affect anyone. We can only hope that Willow is cast on America's Next Top Model by the next election. For good measure, it might make sense for The Bachelor to feature Palin's oldest son Track.

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I don't watch the show so I'm not sure how bad she is but when in the UK version a terrible contestant kept getting votes he did the honourable thing and quit. He was really really bad though. Depends on the standard of the US version I guess. Does a good dancer ususally win or just whoever the public likes?