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Is Your Favorite Book of 2010 on the New York Times' List?

Illustration for article titled Is Your Favorite Book of 2010 on the iNew York Times/i List?

Mine, Citrus County by John Brandon, did not make the cut :( But the annual release of the year's "100 Notable Books" list remains a beloved Thanksgivingtime tradition. Which have you loved, and which should be avoided? [New York Times]


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OK: Jonathan Franzen writes and speaks the good English, and I thought the excerpt in the New Yorker was quite good, but what a bleak unsettling novel the entire thing was! It did not raise my consciousness or open up a new world to me. And true, not all literature needs to do that.

But I'm at a point in my life that a good book does have to elevate me in some small way, illuminate for me a bit or truism of life unknown. I went to so-called elite schools and I stand over the counter every day from very privileged customers. I don't care to read about their lives, for their petty woes unfold before me in the grocery store, in the library, as I am making my way to my home.

Freedom's story was conceived in a calculated fashion. It was clever and I never forgot that I was reading a novel.