Hustler Creates Miley Cyrus-Themed Porn

Illustration for article titled Hustler Creates Miley Cyrus-Themed Porn

The Artist Formerly Known As Hannah Montana turned 18 just days ago, and a really shitty porn dramatization of Miley's life now exists, courtesy of Hustler. Everything about this is just upsetting.


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I thought it was cute. Now it WAS disturbing when the kid herself began cultivating her new sexualized persona a couple of years ago (pole dancing on an ice cream vendor, anyone?) and it IS disturbing when her little sister wears child langere (designed by her mother). But this? This is exactly like "Nailin' Palin"- it makes fun of a bunch of celebrities that many people find personally annoying; it's the moving picture equivalent of a Tijuana Bible. It's harmless fun.