HIV-Positive Porn Actor Wants Mandatory Condom Usage

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The porn actor who tested HIV positive in October has gone public — and he has some harsh words for the industry health protections for performers. He also says condoms should be required in all porn.


Derrick Burts, who performed under the names Cameron Reid and Derrick Chambers, is a baby-faced 24. The Los Angeles Times paraphrases him saying "he wishes he had known more about the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases in the industry." If that sounds naive, well, the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM) has always insisted that its system of mandatory testing, a producer-accessed database, and no condoms keeps performers safe.

Burts thinks that he contracted HIV during oral sex in gay porn shot in Florida, but isn't sure. Condoms had been used for penetration in that instance, as it often is in gay porn, but not during oral sex. AIM told him that they'd traced his infection to a "known positive" but wouldn't tell him who it was, citing patient confidentiality.

If that's what AIM told Burts, they told the public something very different: they said in a statement that he'd contracted HIV through personal activity:

"That's completely false," Burts said Tuesday. "There is no possible way. The only person I had sex with in my personal life was my girlfriend."in the months before he tested positive for HIV, he had also contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes.

That's perhaps the most damning charge — AIM deliberately misleading the public to try to tamp down fears about infection in the industry. But that's not all: Burts also felt abandoned by the clinic, which he said didn't follow up for his care. Which is why he ended up going straight to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, nemesis of AIM and a fierce advocate for condoms-only porn. They're holding a news conference today.

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I understand (sort of ) the concerns of the heterosexual porn industry that condom use might damage the walls of the vaginal thereby increasing the risk of STD infection.

However, for me I think the most compelling argument for condom use in porn is to standardize the use of condoms more generally. If male (and female) viewers encountered condom use more often in the fantasy world of porn, perhaps I would encounter fewer males in my own life complaining about having to wear a condom. Of all the sexual encounters I have had (which really isn't that many so I guess might not be a large enough sample population to make generalized judgements about heterosexual male condom use, but I'm going to anyway) only one wore a condom without prompting from and only one other wore a condom on my prompting without further complaint. Seriously sick of this, where do I find these guys and why can't they grow up.