Courtney Love Offers Real Estate Assessments Via Twitter

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After Curbed reported Courtney Love's efforts to buy Milla Jovovich's Greenwich Village townhouse failed, she Tweeted "@curved" asking for real estate recommendations. Here, Courtney shares her take on the properties.


I know house no. 1 very well. It was owned by my great great aunt Catherine until she died about 5 years ago at the age of 98. It's a beautiful Spanish Revival style building but unless the new owners have restored it, it needs a lot of work.

Catherine was an exceptional woman. She married an Argentinian rancher and raised 4 children, each more absurdly talented than the next. When she returned to America and moved to New York, she supported the arts and various non-profits. She consequently had a flock of grateful friends, people of all ages and backgrounds, who would drop in for tea. She didn't get around very well in the years I knew her, mostly to the restaurant across the street and her church just a block away, but she demanded to be kept up to date on everything.

In her last years she left the house less and less, instead focusing on writing her memoirs, The Malvern Stories, about growing up on a remote Mississippi plantation, which she published shortly before her death.

The last time I sat with her in her kitchen, I asked her if she'd like a cookie with her tea. She responded, "For the glory of womankind, I think I will."