Coco Is A National Treasure

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Scientists and doctors agree: Coco is the best thing to ever happen to Twitter.

Like an ever-growing subset of the population, I'm completely fascinated by Coco. She astonishes, confuses, and intrigues me. Her excessive partially nude Twitpic posting would try my patience if it was done by almost any other human, but since it's Coco, I can do nothing but smile, laugh appreciatively, and secretly want to be her best friend. Unlocking the secrets of Coco will help us win the war against terrorism once and for all. She is an a-bomb of WTF.

Oh, that Coco! With the nudity!

Anyway, check out this engrossing collection of Coco's best tweeted photos, and tell me that you're not similarly confused and enamored.


Top 10 Coco Twitpics [Buzzfeed]

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Bullshit. If CoCo was black this would be a whole 'nother article.

Seriously. I've been inching closer and closer to the line of being done with Jezebel as a site in total. But I'm about there.