Don't You Dare Insult Kim Zolciak's Intelligence

On last night's episode of Real Housewives, as the women convened for a relaxing day in a spa reception area, Phaedra and Kim began screaming at each other about stripping, convicts, foreclosures, and an "alien baby."

Phaedra had heard, second hand, that Kim called her then-unborn baby an alien. What really happened is that Kim was doubting Phaedra's story that her OB/GYN would induce her at seven months because her baby was too big. Kim has a nursing degree, so she knows about biological things of that nature. Phaedra found the idea of Kim being an educated professional even more fantastical than a magically-overgrown fetus. She voiced this concern, which got Kim so worked up that she had to readjust her wig.

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Dwight is a total shit-stirrer. I get where Kim was coming from when she originally said this. While it veers into semi-Mean Girls territory, it was also one of those "she's lying and we all know it" moments. Dwight didn't have to go back and repeat that to Phaedra (and he even got it wrong when he did that). He is quickly showing his true colors after the exaggerated financial claims he made about Greg and She by Sheree. Now he's trying to ingratiate himself with Phaedra. Oh, that's right, they're dear old friends. They met waaayyyy back in July.

Pheadra's sharp and she's successful, but her thinking she's going to outfox a room full of mothers and then assert the moral high ground? Not gonna happen with this crowd. Just because her own mother is nodding and smiling along to the lie...