The Millionaire Matchmaker Isn't All That She Seems


Patti Stanger claims to be a "highly successful third generation matchmaker" who is responsible for at least three-hundred marriages and five-hundred relationships. Her television show tells another story.

Out of forty episodes totaling eighty-one dates, only eighteen dates could be considered a success. As if this date wasn't depressing enough, I've been generous, counting "success" as the match making it to a third date. Furthermore, if you are featured on the show you have a 14.8% chance of being berated and kicked out of the Millionaire's Club.

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This data is in direct contradiction with her claims and her holier than thou approach relationships. This opening to the pilot episode is particularly ludicrous.

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doesnt the fact that she calls herself a "3rd generation" matchmaker raise some bullshit flags?

did her grandmother pass down her matchmaking knowledge she learned in the old country?