Bill Would Allow Schools To Expel Convicted Sex Offenders

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When a Connecticut student had to attend school with the older babysitter who had molested him, state Senator Kevin Witkos introduced a bill that would allow schools to expel students convicted of sex crimes. Prognosis for the bill's passage? Optimistic.

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Holy fuckballs. I routinely represent youths who commit sex-related offenses. That's everything from inappropriately touching another youth to actual rape. Disclaimer: I've never represented a youth rapist. Generally, my kids are committing much milder offenses. Of course, there are still repercussions for everyone.

In my experience, the offenders are victims themselves, and need their own services. These kids usually can't live in the family home and are sent to therapeutic foster homes. They move out of district and don't see their victims. These kids have to be under 24/7 sight and sound supervision. The school certainly knows where the child is at all times. There are multiple restrictions on where the kid can go and what he or she can do.

Do I think victims and offenders should attend the same schools? NO. Do I think the offender, who is probably also a victim, should be treated so harshly, so publicly? Again, NO. The solution lies in the time BEFORE the offender goes back to school. For goodness sakes, the kid is already on probation at this point, under heavy duty scrutiny. Take the extra step to put the kid in a different school. For fuck's sake. Let them both move on, I say.

And, in my state, even youths under 18 have to become registered sex offenders. It's not like they can hide.