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32 Cosmo Covers Offer Sex, Sex & Dirty Sexy Sex

You've always known Cosmopolitan had a one-track mind, but this video illustrates just how much the magazine relies on one word: Sex.

Writer Darren Barefoot, who created a tag cloud for Cosmo, also made a video clip flipping through dozens of issues of Cosmo (we put it to music, just for fun!) Focus on the upper left quadrant of the covers, where the word "SEX" is repeated over and over — only interrupted by words like "AROUSE" or "ORGASM."

Illustration for article titled 32 emCosmo/em Covers Offer Sex, Sex  Dirty Sexy Sex

In a 2008 interview, Cosmo editor-in-chief Kate While said, "My sense of a good cover that will sell well is if I want to lick it." Translation: The cover model must be touching herself. Usually it's a hand on the hip, but, sometimes — as with Leighton Meester — the hand is mere inches away from the woman's delta of venus. Sexy sexytimes!


What Are the Messages of Cosmo and Maxim? [Darren Barefoot]
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Well, there's nothing wrong about a magazine that's mostly about sex of course. I never mind hearing some new ideas. I guess the question is whether it's fun and interesting, or boring and expected? I haven't read one of these in years, so I don't know.