Halftime Lap Dance Contest Classes Up Boston Lacrosse Game

Instead of their usual half-time show, the Boston Blazers lacrosse team decided to stage a little lap-dance competition instead. Unsurprisingly, fans are pissed.


The Saturday show featured women gyrating awkwardly in the lap of Scorch, the Blazers' mascot. The result wans't particularly hot, but it did have more of a strip-club vibe than your average sporting event, and fans registered their disapproval. According to the BBC, one said, "Whoever planned the lap dance show used poor judgement. Very disappointing and in very bad taste. My kids love the Blazers so hopefully this will never happen again." And a commenter on the above YouTube video writes,

do you see that little kid in the red sweater? a couple of rows down...well thats my 7 year old cousin....he asked me what they girls were doing that for....how the heck does someone explain that to a CHILD?

Of course, explaining a (relatively tame) lap dance to a "CHILD" probably isn't the toughest challenge a parent (or grown-up cousin) is going to have — wait til he asks what happens after people die. But the lap dance did dispense with all pretense that the half-time show was about fun family entertainment, instead taking the common sight of scantily-clad dancers at sporting events a step further into smut. And the Blazers have apologized. Their president and general manager Doug Reffue says the dancers were volunteer fans, not the Blazers' regular dance team, and their performance "was clearly not executed according to plan." He added, "We had intended to provide an entertaining and fun half-time environment for our fans and that is not what transpired." Oopsie! It's not totally clear how the Blazers' management just accidentally let a bunch of ladies dance up on Scorch, but to his credit, Reffue isn't stopping with a "mistakes were made" response. He's giving away 2,000 tickets to the Blazer's January 22 game — at which there will presumably be no lap-dancing.

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