How Snooki's Partying Became A Problem

On last night's episode of Jersey Shore, we watched Snooki's binge drinking devolve to the point in which a young person's dedication to a "good time" crosses into bad-time territory.


This is the kind of thing that doesn't initially seem alarming, because everyone else is partying seemingly just as hard, like in college, or say, a summer down the shore. Because of the circumstances—in which a person is surrounded by a party-like atmosphere—there's a thin line between over-use and abuse, and the result can be kind of a "situational alcoholism," wherein the real problem mostly occurs in a certain type of environment. And after a few weeks in the house, Snooki's roommates are beginning to realize that they hadn't seen her sober in a long time. It was already too late for them to intervene when she was midway through a 24-hour bender, having gone out the night before, then showed up at work, hungover in a "cocktail" dress, and attempting to funnel a beer at 10:30 in the morning. She left work to do shots and down a Long Island Iced Tea. Immediately after work, she hit the bar, doing body shots with a middle-aged couple, and after that, she says, she blacked out.

What happened next was a spectacle, from the looks of it. Crowds of people were lined up on the boardwalk, watching the famous Jersey Shore girl rolling around on the beach before cops arrested her for public intoxication.



How old is she? If I was 23 or 24 and had enough money coming in where I didn't have to give a shit about what my boss at a T-shirt shop thought of me I would have had some 24 hour drinking sessions too.

Also, she didn't seem that drunk in the T-shirt shop - later after doing the shots, yes, she's clearly wasted, but even then it seemed a bit staged and exaggerated to me.

I'm a drunk. My friends are drunks. I know what drunks look and act like and I've never seen a real drunk fall quite that perfectly or come up with perfect phrasing like that.

"This isn't law school, it's a fucking T-shirt shop!"

"Where's the beach!"

"You are going to be doing it tonight!"

She slurs when she wants to and doesn't when she doesn't want to.

Other than the bike, which is an excuse for her to bring up her vagina she doesn't fall at all until she's on sand and knows she won't get hurt.