Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Finally Realizes "Reality" Of Motherhood

On last night's episode, we saw Jenelle make a halfhearted attempt at gaining custody of her son by meeting with a lawyer she couldn't afford, who told her that she's going to have to stop smoking pot.


After seeing Jenelle's behavior on last week's premiere, and then witnessing her realization that she might have difficulty proving to the court that she's a fit parent, despite her lack of a job or a place to live, I'm beginning to wonder if, instead of simply being an irresponsible young kid, Jenelle is perhaps dealing with mental incompetence. Common sense or logic about basic issues seem lost on her. For example, after two weeks out on her own, she evidently made no attempt to improve her life—or chances of gaining custody of her son—by seeking employment or a home. Eventually, she asked her mother if she could move back in, after realizing the "reality" of her situation, and how hard it is. Her mother allowed Jenelle to return to her house, but did not stop her custody battle, which seemed to surprise Jenelle.

In other Jenelle news, she has a YouTube channel, where she can be seen giving makeup tutorials, hanging out with what must be her new boyfriend, and filming her son walking around a filthy environment. Oh, and she makes videos of herself lip syncing to Ke$ha songs.



This actually really pisses me off. I was a teen mom, and had to deal with people who thought that because I had a child at 16, I was pretty much what you see above. There was this general feeling that I didn't know what I was doing and probably mistreated my kid with my idiocy. But, you know, I wasn't perfect, but I did a pretty damn fine job. And lots of other teenage parents do too. There are kids out there, believe it or not, who work hard, finish school, go to college, get good jobs and host a damn fine slumber party for their kid. We're not all like Jenelle. Or Amber. Or whatever idiot MTV is turning out next week.

Also: BIRTH CONTROL is great.

And: I watched some of those clips at her YouTube channel, and her glasses are very similar to mine. Disheartening.