UK Considers Letting Daughters Take The Throne

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There could be changes to British Act of Settlement — which would give female Royals equal rights of succession.


As the laws of succession stand, any male issue — even a younger one — takes precedence over his sisters. (Which is to say, if Queen Elizabeth had had a younger brother, he'd now be reigning monarch instead.) But ministers are negotiating with Commonwealth governments about possible changes which would ensure that first-born — regardless of sex — inherits the crown.

Says the constitutional affairs minister, "Ministers have already accepted that the provisions of the Act of Settlement might be discriminatory. Discussions are under way." Vague — and even if this goes forward it could take years — but people are already talking excitedly about the fate of William and Kate's progeny; theoretically, their daughter could be the first to benefit from such a change. No word on whether the "just-might-be discriminatory" thing also refers to the Acts of Settlement's ban on Catholics taking the throne.

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Rare Affinity

A practising Roman Catholic could not be the Sovereign as their role would automatically make them the Head of the Anglican Church, a role which would be in direct contravention of their prior allegiance to the Catholic Church. Moreover, it is no more discriminatory than to ban a naturalised American citizen from becoming President simply because they were not born on American soil.