Watch Oprah's All Stars Candidly Chat About Penises

On Ask Oprah's All Stars, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman address audience concerns. Tonight, a lesbian couple asked if they should circumcise their son; instead, they received loads of frank penis talk from Orman and host Gayle King.

Here are three individual clips from the segment—which ran about six minutes total—during which Dr. Oz attempted to explain the pros and cons of circumcision to the couple, who are expecting a son in just a few short weeks.


In the first, King interrupts Dr. Oz before he can begin to address the couple's question by asking him, "Don't you think penies look better circumcised?"

After King's foreskin discrimination (or whatever it was) moment, Dr. Oz attempted to get back to the issue at hand—letting the women know the risks associated both with circumcised and uncircumcised penises. He pulled out some sort of mock penis made out of a sock puppet and, after asking Orman to hold it for him while he performed a demonstration, prompted her to exclaim, "I'm not accustomed to holding a penis... I've never held one my whole life!" She was very eager to cut one, though...

And finally, another "Uncut penises are gross!" moment from King, with a bonus from Orman.


[Ask Oprah's All Stars]



My boyfriend is uncircumcised and has never had any problems with this, despite the fact his foreskin doesn't fully retract, something I am assured is unusual. My current lover, on the other hand, is circumcised, and suspects that this could be why he can't reach orgasm during sex (something about desensitisation).

I live in the UK, so circumcision is rare and I can't compare/contrast with my friends - have any jezzies seen either of the above patterns in the penises they've got friendly with?