January Jones Awkwardly Disses Her Home State On The Daily Show

Last night a rather overdressed January Jones appeared on The Daily Show to promote her movie Unknown, which has some sort of secretive plot she was not at liberty to discuss. Since she had nothing else to talk about, she told Jon all about what it's like to be a South Dakotan, from their petty rivalry with North Dakota to their distaste for her Jewish boyfriend. Her whole family still lives there, so perhaps it was unwise to paint them as a bunch of rubes on national TV.


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Lo and behold the great rule of self-deprecating state pride: I can talk shit about my shitty state, you can't talk shit about my shitty state. And the shittyness shall be acknowledged, yet it shall be understood that my shitty state is shitty due to complex socioeconomic factors, and we shall not essentialize its shittyness, nor reduce it to the sole quality of shit.

Thus spaketh The Hoosier. And thus, we can all feel less shitty about our shitty states.