Blow Jobs Can Cause Cancer

Scientists warn that HPV spread through oral sex can lead to deadly throat cancer, and more throat cancer cases are caused by unsafe sexual practices than by tobacco products.

In order to protect against the disease, doctors have advised that both girls and boys be vaccinated against HPV, but of course, we all know that if we start vaccinating our children, then they'll find out about blow jobs, and, by extension, sex, and of course then they'd have no choice but to start immediately pleasuring each other during recess, and there will be all sorts of anarchy and the four horsemen of the apocalypse will gallop down from heaven and light everything on fire.


Oral Sex is 'Bigger Cause Of Throat Cancer Than Tobacco' [Mail Online]


Thought about getting the HPV vaccine some time soon, but then I read about the process of getting the shot(s!) and how painful it is and swiftly changed my mind. Unless the method of getting the vax changes, count this needle-phobic lady out.