Taping Consensual Sex With A Sixteen-Year-Old Is Child Pornography

One policeman's case of the law's inconsistencies: He was legally allowed to have sex with two sixteen-year-old girls, but not consensually record himself doing so, since the cutoff for child pornography is 18. He was sentenced to 15 years.


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I don't know what makes me more rage-filled; the content of the linked article, or the headline of the Jez post, which makes it sound like it's unreasonable for this to be classified as child pornography.

What. The. Holy. Fuck?!?!

This guy was a 34 year old police officer, who had known one of these underage girls ~ the daughter of one of his colleagues ~ for nearly her entire life. He was in a position of power. He was considerably older. He preyed on these girls, regardless of whether they contacted him initially or not. Hell, yes, this was child pornography.

Nice about face here, guys. People who are drunk or unconscious cannot consent. Children cannot consent. It's been said here many times: there's no such thing as consensual sex when there's an imbalance of power. And yet, you're questioning whether this is child pornography.

WTF. Just WTF.