Blind Daters Realize They're Siblings

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We can't decide if this is the most horrifying possible outcome to a blind date, or the happiest.

Sarah Kemp, a 42-year-old cleaner, had been corresponding with 47-year-old builder George Bentley for months before they finally decided to meet in London. Luckily it didn't take them too long to figure out that they were siblings, separated 30 years ago when their parents divorced and Sarah moved to Scotland. Bentley had searched for his little sister, but was unable to find her, since she goes by her ex's name.

As Sarah tells the Daily Record, "To meet your long-lost brother, in a bar, after over 30 years would be something by itself....But to meet him in those circumstances - on a date, for crying out loud - really is something else. We obviously had far more in common than first thought."


And, don't worry: there'd been no "kisses or fumbles."

Also don't worry: A bookie gives the odds of this happening to you as "500-million-to-one."

Sarah Went Online To Find A Lover...And Ended Up On A Blind Date With Her Long Lost BROTHER [Daily Record]

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One time I checked out a hot-looking guy walking down the street with his shirt off- I actually turned around to look, which I almost never do.

It was my brother.

Excuse me while I go take a psychological shower now...