It's Really Too Bad that the Umbrella Vibrator Is Not Real (Yet)

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I was going to ask Giz's official sex professorDr. Debby Herbenick—for a review of Vibrella, the new sex toy from Babeland. Vibrella is a brilliant idea: An umbrella with a vibrator as its handle. Sadly, it's not real.

But this prank is such a bloody good idea that it should become a real product. After all, Babeland sells other vibrators disguised as common objects, like their Love Lipstick Vibe.

The cool thing about Vibrella is that women can use it inconspicuously, just standing up anywhere, while waiting for the bus or contemplating the landscape on a rainy spring day. Not only you can use it under the rain but the umbrella has sensors that register the water drops' hits, recording the pattern into the vibrator's internal memory. Rhythm recorders actually exist in other vibrators, so this can be made easily. Then the user can replay her favorite rainy day at home, detaching the handle from the umbrella.


It's like having sex with planet Earth. Which is kind of melancholic, but Earth needs all the love we can give her.

Unfortunately, Vibrella is not real and Debby would have to keep reviewing the Sqweel for the time being. What is real, however, is Babeland's April's Fool 15% discount on any other purchase. [Babeland]


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