10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, men are excited to get vasectomies, Pauly D is covered in ejaculate, and La Toya Jackson acts like herself.

1.) Wendy Williams' dream comes true.
Finally, a celebrity who loves that she made it on the cover of Star for her extreme plastic surgery and cocaine addiction.


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2.) GTE
Gym, tan, ejaculate all over Pauly D.

3.) Extraordinarily courageous man gets vasectomy.
According to this CNN report the number of vasectomies rise during March Madness because men like using the excuse of recovery to sit and watch basketball. But this segment also makes it seem like men who undergo this outpatient procedure are so brave. (No mention in the clip was made of the bravery of this man's wife who's body exploded open three times to give him his children.) But really, the most remarkable (or disturbing) thing about all of this is that this guy is having his infant daughter ice his balls with frozen peas.


4.) Things have gotten really for Corbin Bernsen.

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5.) The least appetizing cake in the world.
Brought to you by Chelsea, the leopard print queen of Teen Mom 2. Let's not even get into the probability that more money was invested into this custom-made cake for a one-year-old than her college fund, and instead focus on the fact that anything that's brown with long black hairs coming out of it shouldn't be eaten, but rather looked at by a dermatologist.

6.) Is this the dumbest shit you've heard all week?

7.) No. This is the dumbest shit you've heard all week.
Alexis from Real Housewives of Orange County started a dress line because she was "spending so much money anyway" on clothing. That's such a great business plan. Additionally, she and her husband decided that the minute the dress line interferes with her husband or their children, the dress line will be gone. That's not how you approach a start up. That's how you approach extra curricular activities—when you're 14.


8.) High heel healers.
Now you can piss your money away on trainers who will help you do specific exercises so that you can wear uncomfortable shoes for longer periods of time.


9.) So long Dionne.
This clip pinpoints the exact moment she was over this bullshit. Her fur coats, sweatsuits, and insults will be missed.


10.) People are finally applauding for La Toya.
Aren't you happy for her? She's finally being recognized just for being herself, which involves an unexpected backhanded compliment toward Star Jones.

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latoya is amazing. from this appearance to her fear of cats on "armed and famous". she is really really funny.