Britain Has More Single Moms Than Any Other European Country

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A statistical analysis by Eurostat revealed that Britain has more single parent households than any other major country in Europe — second only to the "tiny" Estonia, which has a slightly higher percentage.


The study suggests a correlation between British tax laws that require married couples with children to pay 73% of the taxes that a single, childless person has to pay, and the dearth of two parent households.

While we can't say for sure, if this study is correct and people are dodging the higher taxes that come with marriage, there may be a whole lot of couples living in some sort of reverse Spaced situation as we speak.


Britain has most lone parents of any major Euro nation [Daily Mail]

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And the explanation for this is simple - in the UK you can be a single mom without being socially ostracised, and there's a support network in place.

It's kind of sad that the writer of the snark above seems to have missed the point, which is that the reason the Daily Mail runs articles like the one linked is that it caters to an audience who would like the social safety net not to exist. It's an attempt to undermine the British welfare state. And the Daily Mail's readers lap that shit up, as you can see in their comments.

Why does Jez keep linking to the Daily Mail anyway? If for some reason you guys really want to cover the UK we do have real newspapers you could link to.