Movie Theater Popcorn Skirts FDA Calorie Counts

On Friday the FDA released its proposed rules for calorie counts on menus at restaurants with 20 or more locations; booze and the delicious crap sold at movie theaters will be exempt from the requirement.



Well, as someone who has had a serious eating disorder, I don't want to look at calorie counts. This information should be posted on websites for those that want it, but NO, I don't want to see calories on my menu, because it is triggering as all hell. It completely and totally ruins by night and likely the next day. I know that I am not alone.

Besides this, there is the whole host of research that dieting and rigid calorie counting contribute not only to eating disorders, but also do not lead to long-term weight loss, and in fact lead to bingeing and eventual weight GAIN. The FDA passing this is NOT about health, it is about caving to political pressure from the diet industry.