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Mom Says Runaway Girl Became Child Porn Victim

Illustration for article titled Mom Says Runaway Girl Became Child Porn Victim

Last fall, rumors circulated that porn actress Bieyanka Moore was actually a fifteen-year-old girl. Moore denied it, but now a Florida mom is suing porn site Reality Kings for distributing Moore's movie, claiming that Moore is her runaway teenage daughter.


According to the Miami New Times, Sherrita Smalley is suing RK for "sexual battery, statutory rape, [and] child pornography" for casting her daughter (whom the paper calls C.S.) in a film called Cum Fiesta. Though Moore initially claimed she wasn't underage, tweeting "I KNOW THERE IS A RUMOR GOING ON THAT IM 15 EVER SCENCE MY PRONO CAME OUT..WELL IM NOT," RK acknowledges that she may have been. And Moore apparently has the same tattoo as C.S., who's currently in custody in Nevada. But RK says it's not at fault if its starlet was fifteen, claiming she showed them ID saying she was 19. Says the company, "but for this criminal activity by C.S., she never would have been able to mislead [RK]."

However, Smalley's suit says that RK "had a legal obligation to ensure the models and actors it used in the production of its sexually explicit media were at least 18 years of age" — and presumably this would include making sure the documents Moore/C.S. provided were actually real. Moreover, says Smalley's lawyer, "This is a lot more complex than she showed up and got in a movie. A 15-year-old did not orchestrate this alone." It does seem likely that C.S. had help in obtaining her fake ID. She also wouldn't be the first underage girl to appear in porn, and her story is a reminder that all sex-based industries, whether pornography or prostitution, need to be extra-careful to prevent the exploitation of children, rather than being willing to look the other way if someone says she's of age. If RK wants to produce legal adult content, it needs to do a better job making sure all its performers are actually adults.


Bieyanka Moore, Reality Kings' 15-Year-Old Porn Star? [Miami New Times]

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Wait, why is it likely that she had help obtaining her fake I.D.? I think I got my first one when I was 15 or 16, and unless you count my idiot friends and the guy in the tattoo parlor on St. Marks Place who actually made the thing, I wouldn't say I had help from anyone.

True fact: I did the math wrong and accidentally made myself 20 on my fake ID, so I had to wait three months to use it. Stay in school, kids.