Porn For Straight Girls: But... Everyone Can See!


Full size Natasha Marley, she of the British accent, tiny waist and hypnotically swaying natural tits, is the central focus of the Bluebird Films release "For Your Eyes Only," and she reiterates the title like it's a personal mantra. But, uh, we're all seeing this, so it's not really exclusive to the faceless men she's fucking. It doesn't matter, though. Natasha is cheeky, energetic, and fucks both girls and boys (sometimes at the same time) with equal enthusiasm. [Fleshbot NSFW]

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I'm so freaking glad that Fleshbot has finally started to show some consideration for its hetero female audience! It's so rare to find gems like this that are actually meant to be marketed to women (and straight women at that!)

I was just talking about this to my boyfriend the other day- about how i never see other women who dye their hair blonde in porn, nor do any of the actors bother to shave their pubic hair, and that women with breast implants are vastly underrepresented.

Another beef I have with the porn industry is that camera never really shows closeups of labia (particularly not in action) and i'm tired of wearing out my rewind button to get the 10-15 minutes of quality vag closeups that I, as a female viewer, crave so badly. I'd been idly wondering if porn producers would ever figure out that they could get more vag time on screen if they used more than one female actor at a time, and it seems like the director of this one read my mind! I especially liked the scene where they had the three women all performing together, and I was wondering if the porn industry would ever figure out that the key to drawing a larger female demographic would be as easy as making sure you have plenty of scenes that feature female performers having sex with at least 2 or 3 other female performers in every film!

The last issue I have with the porn industry is that it seems like every movie is shot from the woman's POV, and jesus, I'm *tired* of it! Cant they make a movie, even just one, that shows the man's POV?

Spot on Fleshbot- I'm so glad youre looking out for your straight female readership!